Cartmel Base Units


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Cartmel Base Units - 150mm Base Unit£81.00
Cartmel Base Units - 300mm Base Unit£92.00
Cartmel Base Units - 400mm Base Unit£102.00
Cartmel Base Units - 500mm Base Unit£114.00
Cartmel Base Units - 600mm Base Unit£128.00
Cartmel Base Units - 800mm Base Unit£170.00
Cartmel Base Units - 900 X 900 L-Base Unit Base Unit£307.00
Cartmel Base Units - 1000mm Base Unit£193.00


When a shaker kitchen is required but the budget won’t stretch to solid wood, Cartmel is a perfect alternative. The 22mm MDF doors are foil wrapped and reinforced with special ABS protective edges. Above all, Cartmel beautifully reproduces the appearance of natural timber, with authentic looking woodgrain in a 5 piece constructed door.

There’s a choice of 10 colours from stock, plus 23 additional colours and the amazing TKC colour matching service. With the same wealth of accessories as Cambridge and Windsor, it’s easy to achieve a range of more or less traditional kitchen designs for less.

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300mm Base Unit, 150mm Base Unit, 400mm Base Unit, 500mm Base Unit, 600mm Base Unit, 800mm Base Unit, 1000mm Base Unit, 900 X 900 L-Base Unit Base Unit, Bottle Rack 1200mm